NELDA Exam Prep Bundle

This comprehensive package includes all the practice tests and review courses to prepare for DANB’s National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) certification exam and to enhance your entry-level dental assisting knowledge.


Elevate yourself and your career.

Becoming a dental assistant involves learning a lot of new information. It’s natural to have doubts as you progress in your studies and prepare for DANB exams. Do I know all the material? What does the exam look like? Will I remember everything? To help you answer these questions, along with the 305 multiple choice questions you'll be asked on exam day, we offer this complete package of study guides and practice tests, now available at a discounted price. 

This package includes everything – the three review courses and three practice tests that will cover the topics on the three component exams of DANB’s NELDA certification: Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP); Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and Infection Control (ICE).

Start with our in-depth online review courses: DANB AMP Review, DANB ICE Review, and DANB RHS Review. Clearly presented and expertly put together for entry-level candidates, each course takes about 12 hours to complete and covers all the topics you'll be tested on for DANB NELDA certification - from tooth anatomy to instrument processing to radiation safety and more.

Each online review course is interactive and creatively designed to help you recall the materials on exam day and beyond. As you work through the course, you can track your progress with learner assessments, add your own notes, and click through to helpful resources giving more details.

The next step in your preparation is testing what you've learned and preparing for the exam conditions. We've packed over 600 multiple choice questions into this bundle, which includes the DANB AMP, ICE and RHS Practice Tests. Created by experts in the field, the practice tests closely follow DANB's exam outlines* and helps you get comfortable with the timed, computerized format.

This discounted package gives you unlimited access during your six-month window so you can review the materials and practice as much as you like. So study hard, test yourself and improve your chances on exam day.

*Questions are not from actual DANB exams and completing the practice tests and review courses does not guarantee that you will pass the DANB NELDA exam. 

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