June 30, 2020

Coming soon! DALE Foundation new learning management system

On July 15, the DALE Foundation will launch a new learning management system (LMS), which will deliver all DALE Foundation courses, practice tests, and other online resources.

The new LMS will provide many benefits for learners, including improved navigation, enhanced usability and a smoother mobile experience. 

The new LMS will also benefit instructors and employers who are buying courses for students and staff, as it will provide a more streamlined process for assigning courses and tracking learner progress.

Learners with Courses in Progress
Learners who have a course in progress will have access to that course in the new system and their access period will remain the same. However, learner progress or bookmarks will not be transferred to the new system. To avoid losing your course progress, we encourage learners to complete any courses in progress by 10 p.m. CT on July 13.

Learners with Practice Tests in Progress
Learners who have practice tests in progress will have access to the practice test in the new system and their access period will remain the same. However, starred questions or custom sets will need to reset in the new system.

Verification of Participation Forms
Learners who have previously completed a course and earned CE, will be able to access any earned Verification of Participation forms in the new system.

System Downtime
While the DALE Foundation prepares the new system to be launched, there will be system downtime from 7/14-7/15.

During the downtime, DALE Foundation website visitors will not be able to access their DALE Foundation accounts or complete any transactions, including:

  • Creating a DALE Foundation account
  • Logging into a DALE Foundation account
  • Purchasing a DALE Foundation product
  • Accessing any DALE Foundation products that have been previously purchased
  • Printing a verification of participation
  • Assigning a DALE Foundation product or viewing the progress of an assigned product
  • Redeeming a DALE Foundation product that was assigned to a learner

We appreciate your patience, apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to providing you with an improved experience.

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