February 26, 2014

DALE Foundation Learner named AADOM Office Manager of the Year

Cindy Sooter has been named the 2013 Office Manager of the Year by the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM).

Sooter currently the office manager at Joplin Family Dental. She joined the practice in 1999, with a background in chairside assisting. She started out working part time as an assistant and part time in the business office, and became the full-time office manager the following year.

Sooter says she became interested in the front-office side of things after taking continuing education classes. “It was a gradual transition,” she explains. “But through CE, I began to see that there was a better way, a more efficient way, of doing things.”

After working for a few years in her new position, Sooter wanted to expand her knowledge and connect with others. She joined AADOM in 2007 and attended her first conference in 2011. “Office managers perform so many diverse duties, it’s nice to connect with others and learn together,” she explains.

Sooter is working toward AADOM Fellowship, and has already completed one of the required courses offered through the DALE Foundation: Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office. “I like pursuing Fellowship because it’s something that you can work toward on your own,” she explains. “I’ve been in dentistry for a long time, but I learn something new every day. With each course I take, I gain something.”

Continuing education is the key to a fulfilling career for Sooter. “It’s played a huge role for me,” she says. “I have the desire to learn more and do better. We have to take it upon ourselves to keep learning because things are changing every day. And it’s so easy to get started – there are so many great online courses and resources.”

For dental assistants and office managers who are looking to expand their careers, Sooter says the future is in their hands. “There are so many exciting things going on, I encourage everyone to keep reading, keep learning, and keep growing in their careers,” she says.

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