June 6, 2011

Finding new ways to keep students engaged is always a challenge for dental assisting instructors. E-learning courses can help supplement the classroom curriculum and are a fun change of pace. Dental assisting instructor Bonnie Magliochetti, CDA, RDH, says DANB’s RHS exam is required in Pennsylvania, so the e-learning review courses are helpful tools.

"Dental radiology is really tough to learn, and I think the online courses are a great adjunct to formal education and a good way to review," Bonnie says. "We have in-person radiology courses at the school, but some people are not able to attend the classes. I have recommended the DANB RHS Review and the Conventional Dental Radiography Review courses many times."

Angela Smith, CDA, B.S., stresses to students the importance of learning beyond the classroom. As an educator at a dental assisting program in Virginia, Smith encourages her students to seek out learning opportunities after graduation. "Our dental assisting program tries to give students a foundation so they have the basics to be able to go into the dental office," she says. "I always stress that once students leave the classroom, learning doesn’t stop."

In particular, she recommends the office management courses. "Having worked the front office, I know there is so much information to cover," Angela explains. "E-learning courses can help enhance the program. I also think the HR Fundamentals course, in particular, can be useful for dental assistants who are looking for a job. It can help them understand what the hiring manager might be looking for."

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