February 16, 2011

Subject matter experts (SMEs) brought their knowledge and passion for dentistry to bring the DALE Foundation’s courses to life. Jennifer Filcheck, CDA, EFDA, was one of the SMEs who contributed to the DANB RHS Review course. Jennifer, who works at Columbia Smiles Family Dentistry in Maryland, has wanted to get involved with the dental community for years. "I have always thought that dental assistants need to be represented differently in the dental community," Jennifer says. "And the only way that is achievable is through educational advancement and certification."

When the opportunity to volunteer with the DALE Foundation arose, Jennifer was eager to participate. She says the experience was eye-opening and rewarding. "I was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn from my peers, but the thing that I loved most about the experience was being involved in a national organization that would provide another way for dental assistants to succeed," she notes.

Christine Taxin is the CEO of Links2Success, a practice management consulting firm. Christine brought more than 20 years of experience as a practice management professional to the table when she served as a SME for the Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office course. "Dental office management is not an easy part-time job that anyone can get," she stresses. "It’s a skilled profession."

Christine says continuing education is the key to success. "It can make the difference between a successful practice and an unsuccessful practice," she states. "Even if someone has been in the job for years, there’s always more to learn."

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