Know what's required

As federal and state laws, regulations, and rules change, it is critical to ensure your students stay current with the latest dental assisting requirements.

How Your Students Meet State Requirements

Keep your students up to date

State requirements for dental assisting are constantly changing. Last year alone, 26 states implemented or began to make changes to their existing dental assisting requirements. For your students, knowing what different states require to stay compliant is essential to ensuring they stay on the proper path. It can also be helpful in the event they decide to work in another state.

To help you steer them in the right direction, we have compiled state-specific rules and requirements specific to dental assisting. Working with our affiliate DANB, we are the only aggregate source for dental assisting requirements in all 50 states, and all of these resources are completely free. You can review all of the dental assisting requirements here. Please share this page with your students and staff.

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