Massachusetts CE Requirements

Dental Assistant Trained on the Job (OJT)
Formally Trained Dental Assistant (FTDA)
Certified Assistant (CA)
Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA)

# CE Required: 12 hours (See note below about revision for first renewal cycle.)

Renewal Period: Every 2 years

Required Topics: Infection control in the dental healthcare setting; certification in CPR/AED or BLS

Online Courses Allowed: A dental assistant may earn a maximum of six CEUs per renewal cycle by the completion of an individual study course (home study, on-line, correspondence, audio or video). Such courses must include a test, which the licensee must pass to obtain credit.

More Information: Massachusetts 234 CMR 8 Continuing Education

A dental assistant who assists a dentist holding a deep sedation/general anesthesia permit in anesthesia administration, including patient monitoring, must be appropriately trained to assist in anesthesia administration and must hold current certification in BLS for the Healthcare Provider.