District of Columbia CE Requirements

Level I and Level II Dental Assistants

# CE Required: 10 hours

Required Topics:

  • Basic Life Support: 2 hours
  • Infection control in an approved continuing education program: 2 hours
  • Ethics course in an approved continuing education program: 1 hour 
  • Continuing education in cultural competency or specialized clinical training focusing on patients or clients who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender nonconforming, queer, or question their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression (“LGBTQ”) meeting the requirements of D.C. Official Code: 2 hours
  • At least 10% of total required continuing education (i.e. one hour for dental assistants) shall be in subjects determined by the Director of the Department of Health to be public health priorities; see Director’s policy statement for identified priorities.

Renewal Period: Every 2 years

Notes: Dental assistants must attest to completion of the required continuing education credits on the renewal application and may be subject to a Board audit to ensure compliance. However, these requirements do not apply to applicants who are applying for their first renewal.