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DANB CP Practice Test

Quiz yourself on coronal polishing objectives and precautions, enhance your understanding of dental deposits, test your knowledge of dental and oral anatomy, and prepare for the DANB Coronal Polishing exam with this online practice test.

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Whether you’re preparing to take the DANB Coronal Polishing (CP) exam or simply looking to enhance your knowledge, the DANB CP Practice Test can help you test your understanding of dental and oral anatomy, enhance your understanding of dental deposits, and increase your awareness of coronal polishing objectives and precautions.

With 200 questions that mirror the DANB CP exam outline, you’ll further your understanding of the concepts covered on the exam and improve your test-taking strategies. A variety of review methods help customize your experience to your personal learning style. Plus, you’ll be able to flag questions to come back to and identify areas that you may need to spend more time reviewing.

Questions are not from actual DANB exams, and completing the practice test does not guarantee that you will pass the DANB CP exam.

Course Credentials


Coronal Polishing (CP) exam

Course Compatibility

Desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

After completing this practice test, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts covered on DANB’s CP exam
  • Improve test-taking strategies specific to DANB’s CP exam
  • Refer to recommended reference materials
  • Identify areas of study that may need practice
  • Check your study progress

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