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Course FAQs

Q: How do I access my DALE Foundation courses and practice tests?

A: Log in to your DALE Foundation account and click the “Go to My Courses” button from the Notifications sections of your account dashboard to access your DALE Foundation products.

Q: I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

A: Click the Log In button at the top right corner of the DALE Foundation website. You will be directed to a login screen. Click the “Forgot Username or Password” link to begin the process to retrieve your username or password. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact the DALE Foundation at 877-510-3253 or for additional help.

Q: How do I change the name on my account?

A: If you have any questions about how to change the name on your account, please contact the DALE Foundation at or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Q: How do I receive my results and verification of participation?

A: When you complete a DALE Foundation course, you will receive an email that includes a link to your verification of participation certificate of completion.

To access verification of participation certificates from your DALE Foundation account, click the “Go to My Courses” button on your account dashboard to be taken to the course portal. Within the course portal, click on your profile in the upper right corner (your initials) and select “My Transcripts.” There, you will see an overview of all of your courses. Click on the “Certificate” link under the name of the course to download or print your verification of completion certificate.

Q: Can I take the course or practice test on any device?

A: Please note the Compatibility Requirements featured on each product description page that can be access by clicking on the product from the homepage or in the product catalog.

Q: How often can I take the post-course assessments?

A: You may take the post-course assessments as often as you like within your 6-month course access period.

Q: My course is about to expire but I need additional time to access it. Can I purchase an extension to continue to access the course without repurchasing it at full price?

Yes, 60-day product extensions can be purchased within your DALE Foundation account. Click the “Purchase Extensions” button on your DALE Foundation account dashboard and then click the “Purchase” link for the course for which you would like to purchase an extension.

Purchasing a 60-day extension is optional and provides you with the opportunity to keep studying without purchasing your material again at its full purchase price.

The 60-day “Purchase Extensions” option is available 30 days before and 30 days after your course expiration date. Once 30 days have passed, the option is no longer available, and you must purchase any product at its full purchase price.

Your course is available by clicking “Go to My Courses” immediately once your extension purchase is complete.

Q: How do I sign up my entire class or staff for one or more of the courses?

A: Please contact the DALE Foundation at 877-510-3253 or

Q: When I have assigned someone a course, how will they know?

A: When you assign a DALE Foundation course, the learner will receive an email with the subject line: “[Your name] Has Sent You an Enrollment Code!” The email will contain instructions for redeeming the course.

Q: I was assigned a course by my employer/educator. Why haven’t I received the email with my enrollment code?

A: Course assignment notifications are sent from Check your email spam/junk folder to ensure these emails aren’t missed. You may also wish to add to your email safe senders list. If you still believe you haven’t received your assignment notification email, please contact the DALE Foundation at or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: The DALE Foundation accepts purchase orders (POs) for group purchases of $300 or more. Please contact to learn more about purchasing DALE Foundation products using a purchase order.

Q: How do I see the DALE Foundation product agreement?

A: Within your DALE Foundation course, select the “Product Agreement” section. The product agreement is included in this section and can also be downloaded by clicking on the PDF Product Agreement icon at the bottom of the page.

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