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Course FAQs

Q: I did not receive my login information, where can I find it?

A: Sometimes the information sent from our site ends up in “spam’’ or “junk” mail. Check these folders to see if you received an email from, or contact the DALE Foundation staff at 1-877-510-3253 or

Q: My login/password are correct. Why am I getting an “invalid password/login” error message?

A: Passwords are case sensitive and should be entered exactly as written. Please keep this in mind and try again. If you’re still having problems, contact us.

Q: I forgot my password to log in. Where can I find it?

A: Go to the Create Account page and click on the “Forgot Password” link in the lower corner of the login box on the left hand side. The system will email you a new password.

Having problems resetting your password? Watch this video.

Q: How can I change my password?

A: Log in using your current password, select My Account > Account Preferences > Login information Edit, and then enter your new password information and save.

Q: How do I see the full license agreement page?

A: The screen resolution on your computer needs to be reset. Please go to the start menu on your computer, select Settings-Control Panel-Display, and increase the resolution to the desired level.

Q: As I am completing the Conventional Radiography or the DANB RHS Review, the “Next” button is missing. How do I get past the first module?

A: Please make sure you have the audio turned on. The next button will appear on the screen only after you click through each anatomical area or image. Or, if you continue to have problems, contact the DALE Foundation staff at 1-877-510-3253 or

Q: How do I get my results and verification of participation?

A: When logged into your account, click on “Previous Courses and Study Aids” in the left hand navigation. On that page you will see your final scores and be able to print your verification of participation if you passed the course.

Q: What are the computer technical requirements I need to take the course?

A: System Requirements for this course include the following:
PC Processors - Pentium IV PC, 800 MHz or better
RAM - 512 MB+
PC OS - Windows XP +, Mac OS X 10.3.9 +
Browsers - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox, Safari 1.3.2+
Cookies, JavaScript, Images, Flash & ActiveX controls enabled
Flash Player - 9.0
Note: Learners who use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to access DALE Foundation e-learning courses may be prompted to enable the most recent version of Adobe Flash ( To update or enable the most recent version of Adobe Flash, please visit the Adobe Help Page.

Screen Resolution - 1024 x 768
Color Depth - High Color, 16 Bit
Bandwidth - 512K dedicated or faster
Adobe Acrobat Reader (needed for printing verification of participation on some courses)

Q: How often can I take the post-course assessments?

A: You may take the post-course assessments for the DANB review courses as often as you like within your 180-day course access. The post-course assessments for the certificate programs (Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office, HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office, Financial Reporting for the Dental Office, and Behavioral Guidance and Management for the Pediatric Dental Patient) may be taken again until you achieve a passing score.

Q: How do I sign up my entire staff for one of the courses?

A: First select the course(s) or package you wish to purchase for your staff. You will be able to enter the number of courses you need during the purchase process, and can assign them to your staff at your convenience. You will have one full year to assign the courses. Upon assignment, learners will have 180 days to complete the courses.

Assign Courses

  1. Log in to your account. Go to “Unassigned Courses and Study Aids.” 
  2. Be ready with the email address, first name and last name of the person you want to assign the course to.
  3. Enter the information and assign. The learner automatically receives an email with a redeem code.
  4. You have one year to assign courses. Once assigned, learners have 7 days to redeem courses through their own accounts with the DALE Foundation. If they don’t redeem within that time, you will be able to reassign the course.

Having problems assigning a course? Watch this video.

Monitor Progress

  1. Log in to your account. Go to “Assigned Courses and Study Aids.”
  2. You can monitor progress for each learner! Track the learners start date, completion date, pre-assessment score, and post-assessment score of the most recent attempt (where applicable),
    You can even send emails to learners directly through your account. Send reminders or a note of encouragement as you track and monitor progress.

Q: When I have assigned someone a course, how will they know?

A:  When you assign a course from the DALE Foundation website, the learner will receive an email with the subject line: “You have been assigned a course at the DALE Foundation.”  The email will contain instructions for redeeming the course including a redemption code.  Once the learner redeems and begins the course, you will be able to track his/her status in the Assigned Courses & Study Aids Progress Snapshot area in the My Account section of  Please be sure your assignee has checked his/her spam folder as sometimes messages arrive there.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: The DALE Foundation accepts purchase orders (POs) for group purchases of $300 or more. Please contact to learn more about purchasing courses and study aids using a purchase order.   

Q: I am seeing garbled text in the notes page and cannot print. How do I fix this?

A: Please contact us.

Q:  I clicked the “Launch Course” button and accepted the license agreement, but my course hasn’t opened.  I clicked the “Click here if the course did not open in a new window” link, but my course still won’t open.  Why?

A:  In order to launch your e-learning course, your browser’s pop-up blocker must be disabled.  Here’s how to turn off your pop-up blocker:

Google Chrome (Computer)

  1. In the top-right corner of Chrome, click the customize and control icon > Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button.
  4. In the "Pop-ups" section, select Allow... or Do not allow.... Customize permissions for specific websites by clicking Manage exceptions.
  5. If you’re trying to remove pop-ups and they don’t go away, you might have an unwanted program or malware that can likely be removed.

iPhone/iPad App:

  1. Tap the customize and control icon > Settings.
  2. In the "Advanced" section, tap Content Settings.
  3. Tap Block Pop-ups to choose your preferred setting.

Android App:

  1. Tap the customize and control icon > Settings.
  2. In the "Advanced" section, tap Site settings.
  3. Tap Pop-ups to choose your preferred setting.

Internet Explorer 11 (Windows):

  1. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.
  2. Tap or click the Tools icon, and then tap or click Internet options.
  3. On the Privacy tab, under Pop-up Blocker, select or clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box, and then tap or click OK.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
  2. Select the Content panel.
  3. In the Content panel below Pop-ups:
  4. Uncheck the box next to Block pop-up windows to disable the pop-up blocker altogether.
  5. A click on Exceptions...opens a dialog box with a list of sites that you want to allow to display pop-ups.
  6. The dialog box offers you the following choices:
  7. Allow: Click this to add a website to the exceptions list.
  8. Remove Site: Click this to remove a website from the exceptions list.
  9. Remove All Sites: Click this to remove all of the websites in the exceptions list.

Safari (Mac)

Safari > Preferences > Security > Uncheck "Block pop-up windows" box

Watch this video for additional pop-up blocker help.

If you are still unable to launch your course after changing your browser’s pop-up settings, please contact or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Q:  When I click the “Print Verification” button, I see a blank Web page when the new window opens.  Where can I find my verification of participation?

A:  The verification of participation is a PDF document. Check for updates from Adobe for your Adobe Reader software. More than likely, you are seeing a “blank” screen because your Acrobat Reader software is out-of-date. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Q:  I reset my password with the Forgot Password function.  Why haven’t I received my new password?

A:  The automatically generated password is sent from and sometimes caught by your email client’s spam filter. If you do not receive an email in your inbox containing your reset password, check your spam/junk folders. If you still believe you haven’t received your reset password, please contact the DALE Foundation at or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Q:  I was assigned a course by my employer/educator. Why haven’t I gotten the email with my redeem code?

A: Course assignment notifications are sent from your employer/educator’s email account, so make sure to communicate with them and ensure emails from them aren’t sent to your spam/junk folder.  If you still believe you haven’t received your assignment notification/redeem code, please contact the DALE Foundation at or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Questions about redeem codes? Watch this video.

Q:  Why doesn’t my redeem code work?

A:  There are two situations when your redeem code may not work:  the 7-day redeeming period has expired or the code has already been redeemed. Contact the person who assigned you the course(s) so they can reassign it once more.

Q:  How are the prices for the DALE Foundation’s courses determined? 

A:  The DALE Foundation’s e-learning courses are competitively priced and provide high-quality, dynamic education and interactive learning. We believe users will find the DALE Foundation’s courses fresh, inviting, and motivating – a great way to earn CDE credits and invest in one’s professional advancement.  The DALE Foundation’s e-learning courses are developed by subject matter experts — dentists, educators and dental professionals — and the materials are always current, evolving to meet ever-changing technology and practices in the dental profession. The courses are competitively priced based on the overall quality and design. Our courses and study aids are priced for a range of budgets, and are currently listed between $25 and $130.

Q: How do I change the name on my account?

A: If you have any questions about how to change the name on your account, please contact the DALE Foundation at or by phone at 877-510-3253.

Prefer to talk over the phone? Give us a call! 1-877-510-3253