2014 Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship

2014 Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship Winners

Rebecca Rebecca Horne, CDA, of Massachusetts, found her passion for dental assisting while she was in school. Today, Horne works in an orthodontic practice, where she helps coordinate a team of employees and two offices. She will use her scholarship to earn DANB’s Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA) certification. “I believe we can lead by example,” she says. “I plan on continuing to inspire those around me to see what a dental assistant can achieve.”




Kandra Kandra Luna, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, of Oregon, has always believed in dreaming big, and with the encouragement of her mentors, she completed a dental assisting program. She now works at a general dental practice while pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Luna will apply her scholarship award toward her DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification, which she earned earlier this year. Her next goal is to work in dental assisting education and help students achieve their goals. “I am motivated to help others accomplish their goals and strive to do their best,” she says.



2014 Finalists

Marisa Bouikidis, of Pennsylvania, discovered her passion for dental assisting in school. In her career, she has been inspired by her instructors and doctors. Her goal is to open her own dental practice. “I will not give up on my dream,” she says.

Tanya Broadway, of Maryland, says her family inspires her to reach for her professional goals. Currently, she is completing a dental assisting program, and hopes to earn DANB’s CDA certification and continue a career in dentistry. She says, “Being an assistant for eight years has grown my love for informing patients about oral healthcare.”

Heather Brooks, of Florida, currently works as an expanded functions dental assistant at a Veterans Affairs medical center. Her goal is to earn DANB certification and continue her work as a supervisory dental assistant. “I would like to facilitate future growth in my profession,” she states.

A’yesha Freeman, CDA, of Illinois, did not realize when she applied for a dental assisting job 11 years ago that it would lead to a lifelong career. Her future goals include earning additional DANB certifications. “With the certifications available,” she says, “I believe dental assisting has unimaginable potential to become a better-respected career.”

Amelia Garcia, CDA, of New Mexico, is working toward becoming an expanded functions dental assistant. “I am blessed that this dental assisting is my passion and not just my job,” she says.

Jeannie Gillam, CDA, of Ohio, has the goal of earning DANB’s Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant (CPFDA) and Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant (CRFDA) certifications. “I have a strong desire to gain additional learning to make me a better dental assistant and a more useful colleague,” she explains.

Elizabeth Polak-Silva, CDA, of Connecticut, works at a pediatric dental office and says she has developed “a deep interest and passion for dental assisting.” She is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree and hopes to become a dentist.

Guadalupe Rodriguez, of Virginia, chose to go into dental assisting to help others. She is currently focused on pursuing continuing education and DANB certification. She says, “I want to continue my dreams and help others with dental and oral care issues.”

Karina Schraufnagel, CDA, of Wisconsin, currently works in a dental office and hopes to transition into an office management position. “I am looking to broaden my role and further my education to meet the highest standards my career can offer me,” she says.

Sarah Serpico, CDA, CPFDA, of Illinois, works as a pediatric dental assistant and is aiming to continue her education and become qualified in expanded functions, as well as earn DANB’s CRFDA certification. She says, “The greatest thing a person can do is to help children, take care of them and help them become less afraid of the dentist.”

Tyler Winter, CDA, of Minnesota, works in a nonprofit community dental clinic and is completing a restorative functions training program. “I am excited to be able to have a positive impact on the dental health of our patients,” he says.


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