2016 Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship

2016 Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship Winners 

First-place winners

AlvinAlvin Hsieh, CDA, category one

Alvin Hsieh, CDA, has been a dental assistant in the United States Air Force for more than three years and is currently stationed in Germany, where he works with the oral maxillofacial surgery team. He plans on using his award to renew DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification and continue his professional development goals, including earning DANB’s Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant (CPFDA) certification.



Katrina Knapp

Katrina Knapp, CDA, category two

Katrina Knapp, CDA, earned DANB certification in 2014 after graduating from Wake Tech Community College in North Carolina, where she completed more than three times the required professional development hours and served as the dental assistant class speaker at the Wake Tech health science open house. Knapp will use her scholarship to continue her dental career by completing dental hygiene school and earning a bachelor’s degree.



Second-place winners

Kantres DavisKantres Davis, CDA, category one

Kantres Davis, CDA, has been a dental assistant for more than five years. After realizing that the first dental assisting program she attended was not accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), Davis’ dedication didn’t waver. Instead, she enrolled in a CODA-accredited program and earned DANB CDA certification in an effort to set herself apart in the field. Davis plans to use her award for an expanded functions course at Missouri College.



Laura Vickery

Laura Vickery, CDA, category two

Laura Vickery, CDA, began her career as a dental assistant by volunteering at a local nonprofit dental clinic. There she realized her passion for the dental field and what could become a fulfilling career. Since then, she has continued to “quench her thirst for knowledge” with additional classes and volunteering at oral surgery clinics. Vickery intends to use her scholarship to earn DANB CDA certification, with the ultimate goal of teaching in a dental assistant program.



Third-place winners

Ltanya BarnesL’tanya Barnes, CDA, category one

L’tanya Barnes, CDA, has been a longtime dental assistant since completing her training at a local high school. Her diverse career has included working in various dental offices, teaching dental assisting classes and earning DANB CDA. She will use her award to become an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) in Ohio.



Amber JustusAmber Justus, CDA, category two

Amber Justus, CDA, began her career in the dental field after graduating from high school when she enrolled in a dental hygiene school. But before she could complete her studies, she put her career on hold to spend time with her daughter. Justus has since re-entered the field. She earned DANB certification and enrolled in an EFDA program at Miami Jacobs University in Ohio. Justus plans to apply her scholarship toward her EFDA coursework.



Fourth-place winners

Alli HedrickAlli Jensen, CDA, category one

Alli Jensen, CDA, has a passion for lifelong learning and dental assisting. After completing dental assisting school with achievements that include making both the Dean’s and President’s Lists, Jensen went on to earn DANB CDA certification. She plans to use her award to earn DANB Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant (CRFDA) certification.



Bijan MahboubiBijan Mahboubi, category two

Bijan Mahboubi is a dental assistant who holds master’s degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology. As a biochemist, Mahboubi translates scientific research into practical applications that everyone can use to better understand oral health. He will use his scholarship to fund his trip to India, where he will work with a dentist to provide free dental care to people who don’t have access to oral health care and educate them about oral health.



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