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Our supporters believe in our mission and help us work for stronger, safer dental teams.

Our Supporters

Supporting our mission

As a nonprofit organization, the DALE Foundation relies on our supporters, and we’re grateful for their contributions.

DALE Foundation supporters allow us to provide quality continuing dental education, conduct sound research, advance the dental team and promote oral health.

Learn more about the generous organizations who help make our work possible below, and visit our Donations page to learn how you can make a difference.




Henry Schein


  P and G

 Benco Dental

The DALE Foundation also wishes to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous support of our mission:

Anonymous (7)


Rebecca Anderson

Benco Dental

Doni Bird

Kimberly Bland

Karen Comisi

Dr. Joanne Dawley

Roisin Devane

Pia DiMiceli

Teresa Duncan

Cynthia Durley

Leslie Fehl

Gelacio Garcia

Johnna Gueorguieva

Barb Gurnee

Dr. David Halpern

Dr. Fred Hanosh

Mary L. Harrison

Henry Schein

William Landrigan

Neng Lee

Jennifer Lizotte

Dr. Frank Maggio

Kelly Maginnis

Venus Martins

Roxanne Odell

Procter & Gamble

Hilary Remijas

Bettie S. Rogers

Sabira Ruzyeva

Carla Schneider

Magdalena Szelagowska

Mandy Tsai

Julie Varney

Mary Wakulik

Barbara Williams

Gladys Winston

Ling Zhong

* This list reflects all donors since August 2016. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy, but if we have made an error please contact us at While we are excited to have these wonderful organizations and individuals believe in us, they do not influence our courses. We pride ourselves on offering the most relevant education to help dental assistants, dental office managers and educators advance their careers — and this education will always be provided without bias and without giving preference to particular products or companies.

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