July 13, 2015

New review course helps prepare for the DANB AMP exam

The DALE Foundation recently launched a new resource for dental assistants preparing for the DANB Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP) exam: the DANB AMP Review course. This review course covers topics such as tooth anatomy, structures of the teeth and oral cavity irregularities to help dental assistants better identify what’s normal and what may need extra attention.

The course is an interactive online learning experience broken down into six course modules. Learners may complete one subject at a time or study all six at once — the timing is customizable within the course’s six-month access period. Learners may also check their progress before, during and after the course by taking learner assessments*, and may go back and review the course at any time to ensure preparedness for the DANB AMP exam.

“The scope and depth of the material that is presented is visual and engaging — it is not boring or static,” says subject matter expert Donna Kotyk, CDA, RDH, M.A., who helped develop the review course. “This course was designed to look at the body from the outside to the inside, peeling away layers as one moves through the systems. It is exciting to see how the muscles, veins or arteries, for example, exist within the skeleton in a somewhat three-dimensional way.” 

Learn more about the DANB AMP Review.

*Assessment questions are not from actual DANB exams, and passing the post-course assessment does not guarantee that you will pass the DANB AMP exam.


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